Crochet Elephants Everywhere!

Crochet Elephants Everywhere!

Recently I have been obsessing over this crochet elephant pattern from Repeat Crafter Me ( and I have made over 40 of these little guys! They are so fun to make and I love to play around and create different color combos. Elephant nurseries are really popular right now and many of the garlands that I have sold have been used as nursery decor.

Below I’m going to share some of the color combinations that I have made so far. You can find all of these garlands either ready to ship or made to order in my Etsy shop!



Pink, light grey & dark grey



Mint & light grey


Black & white

Which color combination is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

Felt Flower Napkin Rings DIY

Felt Flower Napkin Rings DIY

Hey ya’ll I’m back and I’m here to share a felt flower tutorial with you! If you have read some of my other posts you know how much I love to DIY and that I created a lot of my wedding decorations. I started to create felt flowers in June of 2018 when I was making decor for the wedding. I made a bunch a pink felt dahlias, which is my favorite flower, to decorate the cake and sweetheart tables! (I will have to show picutres of these flowers in another post since we have received all of our wedding photos now!) Although I found it to be time-consuming and rather hard on the fingers, I really did enjoy making the flowers! My friend is having a bridal shower later this month and since I am a part of the wedding party I have been trying to create some things to decorate the shower with! I thought what better way to decorate a greenery themed shower than with felt flowers! In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make little felt flower napkin rings!


  • Felt – white and various shades of green
  • 36 in glass beads (I bought mine from Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cotton cord (Mine is an off-white color from Hobby Lobby)

** You can use string, yarn or twine if you do not have any cotton cord.

The first step is to cut out the petals for the flower, 5 petals per flower. I made 40 napkin rings for the bridal shower, meaning that I cut out 200 of those little white petals! No wonder my fingers were hurting.

After you have cut out all of the petals that you need it’s time to cut out the green leaves. You are going to cut out a large leaf and a smaller leaf that is about half the size of the larger one. Two leaves per flower.



Now that all of the felt pieces are cut we are going to start glueing! Plug in your hot glue gun and get ready to glue everything together! First we are going to pinch and glue the straight part of the petals so that we get that 3D effect. Once you glue all of your petals into the shape below you can glue five of the petals together. The next step is to glue those pretty glass beads (pearls) onto the center of the flowers!!



Glass beads


You are going to glue the larger and smaller leaves together first, with the smaller leaf on top. After that dries glue the circle part of the large leaf to each of the flowers.


Almost done!


The last step is to cut out a length of your cord, mine was about 12 inches long. You want the cord to be long enough to tie around a bulky napkin. Glue the center of the cord to the back of the leaves. And your done!!



Finished flower napkin ring!!

I love how my napkin rings came out and I hope you do too!


Wow isn’t that decor so pretty! You can peep the napking ring in the bottom left corner!


Bobbling Waves Baby Blanket

Bobbling Waves Baby Blanket

I have a new pattern out, and it’s another baby blanket!! You can find this blanket for sale on my Etsy page, link below, and the blanket pattern on Ravelry or Etsy! The idea of a blanket that looked like bobbling waves seriously just came to me. I thought of it in the shower and once I got out I picked up my crochet hook and the blanket came to life. This blanket was so much fun to make and I can’t wait until I think of another blanket idea!


I love the texture on this blanket!


At first I was making it with two different shades of blue, well navy blue and a blue-green, but I didn’t like it and wound up frogging. I decided to go with a more traditional, nautical-themed and I really like how the white and blue looks together.

Before I decided on navy & white, this is what the blanket looked like.

This pattern features bobbles every other row with a wavy stripe design! I love how only the tops of the waves have the bobbles. This blanket would make an adorable baby shower gift, especially if you know that the nursery is a nautical theme.

To make this baby blanket you will need a 5mm crochet hook, and two different colored skeins of yarn of your choosing. If you want to use the same colors that I did, then you will need to pick up 2 skeins each of Red Heart Soft yarn in White and Heartland yarn buy Lion Brand in the color Olympic.


Click here for Ravelry: <a href=”″>buy now</a>

Click here for Etsy:


So what do you think of my latest blanket pattern? Do you like the navy and white color combo or do you prefer the navy and sea green color?

Wedding DIY

Wedding DIY

Okay everyone, I’ve mentioned in a previous post that we got all of our wedding pictures back and I have been wanting to share a few of those photos for a while! I did a couple of DIY projects for my wedding, including crochet, felt flowers…and moonshine making! We had two favors at our wedding, both were DIY, and I’m sure that you have guessed it by now, one of the favors was moonshine! I had a DIY signature drink board, Mr & Mrs letters, mini flower wall, and various table decor. I was really, really busy for months leading up to the wedding and I am so excited to share these projects with you all!


The first project that I would like to share are the Mr. and Mrs. letters that I created! They were placed so perfectly on our sweetheart table by our Maitre’d. The letters were made out of paper mache, which I bought from A.C. Moore. I also bought silver paint and silver sparkle paint from there to make the letters. I painted each letter twice and put the sparkles on the front of the letters using a foam paint brush. I loved how they came out and they are really durable considering they are a paper product! I actually still have them displayed on a shelf in our bedroom!



The next project I want to share is our drink board! I didn’t want to buy an expensive custom one so I used a chalk board that I bought years ago at a yard sale for $5! I bought chalk board paint and my friend glued pretty purple flowers to it. She also did all of the lettering because while I love crafting and crocheting, I cannot draw for the life of me! It was easy, cost me next to nothing and worked with my theme!



On the card table you can see some of the felt dahlias and crocheted flower magnets that I made. The dahlias took me so long to make because I cut out each petal individually (I will share how I made these in another post) but they are my favorite flower and making them was so worth it!! The other dahlias were placed around the Mr & Mrs letters. For the flower magnets, I had one placed at every other seat on the tables and the extras for guests to take were put on this table.



Here’s a close up of some of the flower magnets! They were crocheted using two strands of crochet thread. I had a bunch of different colors, some were crocheted with two of the same color thread and some had two colors mixed in! I wanted a wedding favor that people would actually keep and something that didn’t have our names or dates on it so I thought these were such a cute idea. Everyone could use a magnet for their fridge!


Thank you for reading my post! I’m so happy that I got to share some of my wedding pictures with you all! Let me know which wedding DIY was your favorite in the comment section.

Crossover Crochet Hat Pattern

Crossover Crochet Hat Pattern

Hey ya’ll! I just added a new pattern to my Ravelry shop and I am going to keep it free from a limited time. Go check it out!

I designed this hat to be a warm, but stylish winter hat. My favorite part is the pompom, which I made using a Clover pompom maker!


The crossover hat pattern is the 3rd pattern I have finished making this year, with a 4th one on the way. I guess this is the year of crochet patterns! Have you made any patterns this year? If so, how many?




Hats on Etsy

Hats on Etsy

I learned how to loom knit two weeks ago and I love it! I’ve already made eight hats; I can start and finish a whole hat in a couple of hours. Although crochet is my first crafting love, loom knitting is so much easier on my wrists. I can also make hats quicker than I can while crocheting.

To complete my hats I bought a clover pompom maker! Making big poms is now my new favorite activity! It is so stress relieving to snip off all the extra fuzz and to be left with an almost perfectly round pompom. Although it takes me about 10-15 mins to make one pom because I am a bit of a perfectionist, it is so worth it!

Do I have any loom knitting followers?

You can check out this hat and more on my Etsy page: !!!

Thanks for reading 😁

Christmas Star Free Pattern

Christmas Star Free Pattern

Hey crocheters! I just added a new pattern to my Ravelry that I am offering for free throughout the Christmas season! This pattern is so cool because depending on what yarn colors you choose, you can completed change what season/holiday this represents.

christmas star.png

To make the Christmas Star use: red, green, white yarn.

To make the Halloween Cobweb use: orange and black or gray, black and white.


Halloween Cobweb!


Ready to make your own star? Head on over to my Ravelry page ( to download the free pattern!

I hope you enjoy it! Message me for any questions ❤