Crossover Crochet Hat Pattern

Crossover Crochet Hat Pattern

Hey ya’ll! I just added a new pattern to my Ravelry shop and I am going to keep it free from a limited time. Go check it out!

I designed this hat to be a warm, but stylish winter hat. My favorite part is the pompom, which I made using a Clover pompom maker!


The crossover hat pattern is the 3rd pattern I have finished making this year, with a 4th one on the way. I guess this is the year of crochet patterns! Have you made any patterns this year? If so, how many?





Hats on Etsy

Hats on Etsy

I learned how to loom knit two weeks ago and I love it! I’ve already made eight hats; I can start and finish a whole hat in one day. Although crochet is my first crafting love, loom knitting is so much easier on my wrists. I can also make hats quicker than I can while crocheting.

To complete my hats I bought a clover pompom maker! Making big poms is now my new favorite activity!

Do I have any loom knitting followers?

You can check out this hat and more on my Etsy page: !!!

Thanks for reading ūüėĀ

Christmas Star Free Pattern

Christmas Star Free Pattern

Hey crocheters! I just added a new pattern to my Ravelry that I am offering for free throughout the Christmas season! This pattern is so cool because depending on what yarn colors you choose, you can completed change what season/holiday this represents.

christmas star.png

To make the Christmas Star use: red, green, white yarn.

To make the Halloween Cobweb use: orange and black or gray, black and white.


Halloween Cobweb!


Ready to make your own star? Head on over to my Ravelry page ( to download the free pattern!

I hope you enjoy it! Message me for any questions ‚̧

White Blossoms Crochet Hat on Ravelry!

White Blossoms Crochet Hat on Ravelry!

Hey fellow crocheters, my first hat pattern, White Blossoms Hat, is now on my Ravelry and Etsy shop! This hat is so fun because there are so many customizable options, making each White Blossoms hat unique!




Buttons, or no buttons

Flowers, or no flowers

Crab stitch, or no crab stitch…. endless possibilities!




The instructions are for a beginner level crocheter, so for those of you who are just starting out, this pattern is made for you! Plus, I am always available to help if you need any.      Ravelry:


I had some great pattern testers this time around as well. Here are the pictures that they took of their hats:

So, what do you think? Will you be making a white blossoms hat soon? See my Little Pretzels Baby Blanket post for a special coupon code on the blanket pattern!

Dog Owners?

Dog Owners?

How many of you are dog owners? Now that my husband and I adopted our dog, I can’t remember what life was like before we had a dog! We love our dog so much and it feels so nice to know that someone is always excited to greet us when we wake up or come home.


We adopted our dog, Austin, from a shelter in Georgia last November. It’s crazy that it has almost been a full year! He was about 4 months old when we took him home, and I believe his birthday is July 18th on his file. He was so tiny and had the cutest little face. He was about 18 pounds then and is 45 pounds now.


On the car ride home my husband and I could not agree on what to name him! I wanted cute names, like pumpkin or butternut squash! Later that night, my husband came up with Hunter (which I really liked and that’s what I was routing for) and Austin. We decided on Austin and the name fits him so perfectly. I also called him Austy or String bean, because he refuses to eat unless we give him goodies and he is a skinny little thing because of that.


So on Austin’s paperwork he is labeled as a lab mix, which I do not believe at all. Whenever people ask, which is quite often, I usually tell them that he is some type of Rhodesian ridgeback/ greyhound mix. I say greyhound because this dog is so, so fast and he loves to run laps. Until recently that was the response the I gave people.

Two weeks ago I took my dog to the local dog park that was just built and I let him run around and play with another dog that was there. While talking to the owner of the other dog, she commented on how black Austin’s tongue is. Apparently that is a telltale sign of a Black Mouth Cur, so I looked that breed up and Austin looks just like them! I always knew the my pup eas some kind of hunting dog because of the way he relentlessly tracks and hunts squirrels!

What do you think, do you think he is a black mouth cur? Leave a picture of your pup in the comment section!

Little Pretzels Blanket on Ravelry

Little Pretzels Blanket on Ravelry

Hey everyone! The last time that you heard about this blanket I was editing the pattern, choosing a name and finding pattern testers. After receiving so many amazing name suggestions, I decided to name it the Little Pretzels Blanket, and it is now officially on my Ravelry! Read the whole post for a coupon code!


The Name

It was so hard for me to pick which name I wanted for my first pattern, but I decided to go with my gut and choose the name that I first thought of when I saw the pattern that was forming. I posted one the the photos to a Facebook group called Crochet Addict (an extremely helpful and encouraging group for crocheters) and I got an overwhelming response of names! Some of my favorites suggestions were: Baby Bridges, Winter Ice, and Baby Lattice. I ultimately decided to not go with a ‘baby’ title because the blanket can easily be converted into a larger blanket, and I include details about that in the pattern.


The Pattern

I feel like some of the best things in life happen when you are not expecting them, and the same can be said for this pattern. I fully did not expect to make a pretzel pattern when I picked up my yarn and began fiddling with it. Nor did I expect for the repeats and design to work out so easily; I literally created and tweaked this pattern over the course of two days. I started out creating a swatch, knowing that I wanted to create a blanket with an open, loopy look. The hardest part for me was actually writing out the pattern and typing it up in an easy to read way.




Pattern Testers 

I also looked for pattern testers in the Crochet Addict group on Facebook! After careful consideration I picked six wonderful people to test the pattern. My pattern testers were great! They tested the pattern for me in many different yarns, one used a bulky yarn, one used a cake and someone else used a camo, quick color changing yarn. All of the blankets came out looking great and it makes me so happy knowing that this pattern can really work with any type of yarn. My testers also took great pictures, responded to my messages quickly and gave me great feedback. If you were one of my testers, thank you so much!


So Where is the Pattern?

If you would like to try this pattern out for yourself, you can find it on my Ravelry page using this link:

To thank you for reading this blog post I am offering a one month promotion for my patterns using the coupon code: blogreader. You will receive 1$ off my blanket pattern, meaning that it will only cost .99 cents from Oct. 11 РNov. 11.

I will also be coming out with two more patterns, one being a hat and the other one a Christmas decoration later this month so stay tuned! I will most likely announce the new patterns on my Instagram first so if you would like to be one of the first to know you can find my Instagram at:


My blanket and I!


Long Time, No See

Long Time, No See

Hello everyone. So I know that I haven’t made a blog post in a while… May of last year, and I am sorry about that! There has been so much life that has been going on, I will quickly catch you up on a few important changes!


  • I moved down to Georgia a little over a year ago
  • I got engaged last October
  • My husband and I got MARRIED on 9/9/18
  • We adopted a dog, my furbaby, last November
  • I am still crocheting and just ordered my first knitting loom which I am very excited to get in the mail

Hopefully now you can understand why I have been so busy and absent from here! I am hoping to stick with the blog this time around since things have finally begun to slow down. We will be moving again in early 2019, but otherwise there will be no major changes until then.

Here are some future blog posts you will see in the near future:

  • Posts about Georgia
  • Posts about our wedding!
  • Posts about crochet and the craft fair I am participating in on December 1st
  • Posts about the patterns I have made since last May!


Thank you all for sticking around, I really appreciate it!

I just created a so if you would like to visit my other websites please follow this link:


Sincerely, Kaitlyn